One major mistake that we all make, is all types of writing are the same. But the harsh reality is they aren’t. Writing an academic paper is different that writing a promotional post or a bog. Let’s find out which factors distinguish these two genres of writing.

What exactly is Academic writing?

Academic writing is a disciplined form of writing that is employed in scholarly publications as well as in educational institutions. It appears in journals and books on academic subjects, as well as academic writing is required for academic essays, research papers, and dissertations. This field of writing relies on research and facts and conveys a non-biased opinion regarding the subject matter.

Definition of content writing

 The majority of content creation is done for webpages, blogs, and other internet media. The goal of content writing is to attract a sizable number of people to a website or company. Increasing a website’s ranking in search results is yet another goal of online content. This form of writing can be biased as promotional motives are the primary goals. However, content research can also be non-biased and based on real evidence.

The major traits that differentiate Academic writing from content writing

  1. Citation: Academic writing is always presented with proper references or citations. To justify an argument within the study we use in-text citations (depending on the preferred referencing style). Data or information which is not justified with relevant information is not included in academic write-ups. Secondary data was collected from academic journals, peer-reviewed journals, scholarly articles, government-authorised websites, statistical evidence or globally trusted educational websites. We often avoid the “.com” domain or websites like Wikipedia which are either commercial or can be edited by many. While considering content writing, data and references may also be used in ordinary material. The data validation guidelines, however, are lax in this case. A reference can be accessed by a hyperlink.
  2.  Structure: The format of an academic essay is pretty clear. Writing general information does not require as much organisation. Content can take on any form, depending on the subject and goal. right now I’m writing this article in an informal tone and structured it as I want. All types of Academic writing are structured in a specific manner. For example, if you are writing an academic report start with a cover page that holds the title of the study. Then you should include an “Executive Summary” followed by a “Table of Content” page. Then “Introduction,” “Discussion,” and “Conclusion” are generally added in “Heading 1.” Together with that, other points and sub-points are added as “Heading 2” or “Heading 3”. Finally, “References” are added in “Heading 1,” and sometimes we add Appendixes as well. Almost every academic paper follows some kind of structure that is guided by educational institutions. Formatting of the structure can e dependent on the referencing style as well.
  3.  Tone: Writing in an academic or intellectual setting is formal. It shouldn’t be written in a personal manner. No sentence may be unclear. Each phrase needs to have a distinct meaning and goal. Personal viewpoints are not appropriate in academic writing. Most web material is casual. Here, a kind persona is welcomed. Each webpage, however, has its own brand voice. And that should be reflected in the website or blog. It can not appear to be simple to adhere to specific academic as well as content writing styles. However, you may quickly change your writing style to a certain tone with the aid of a paraphraser. You may do the following tasks by employing a paraphrasing tool: Eliminate plagiarism, increases the content’s interest, and increases the readability of the content.
  4.  Sentences: For substance, short phrases work best. They are simpler to read and comprehend as a result. However, they are not necessarily adept in writing academically. In scholarly writing, avoiding ambiguity is extremely crucial. In that context, complex statements are frequently utilised.
  5.  Images: Images could be needed for academic writing. The article’s main argument is strengthened by these photos. No picture is employed to provide decoration. And each image needs to be precise. Images in content writing have a variety of uses. One is to get the reader’s attention. The essay is more appealing with images. They aid the author in illuminating their main arguments. The majority of online articles also include a prominent image. Writing for academic purposes is quite distinct from writing for daily purposes. To create academic material, you must possess subject-matter expertise or at the very least, conduct extensive, meticulous research. Writers often use smart art or create personalised images for content. There isn’t much formal study needed for general content. However, that does not imply that producing excellent web content is simple. It might be challenging to write an article that is both commercial and readable. You must invest a lot of time and effort to be successful, regardless of the sort of material you produce.

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